Thursday, 3 February 2011

Mama's Gym

Our esteemed colleague Mr Metrosexual started his diet way ahead the rest of the bunch at work.  He has a  deep fear of his ever expanding  waistline that's causing him to sit in a funny way due to over tight  trousers.  So  he's been meticulously staying away from the tasty treats that have been turning up in the office since the beginning of December.  In a healthcare environment where clients attribute their improvement to something that you've done there's rich pickings to be had!

Scary Secretary and I have enjoyed the grazing, especially when the Thornton's boxes turn up.  After all we're posh birds at heart.  But as we've stuffed our faces with delightful choccy treats we've admired Mr Metrosexual's self-discipline.  Not a single tasty treat has passed his lips.  Yet, the effort he's expended has yielded very slow rewards whereas my . weight loss plan  progresses consistently except when on holiday where the excuse of imbibing extra calories to keep warm may have been overdone!    Yet, in the normal world,  I 'cheat' fairly often  and confess that more than the occasional morsel of calorific gorgeousness passes my lips whereas Mr Metrosexual shuns proffered chocolate and other delightful morsels as if they were poison.  So,  how can this be?

Scary Secretary and I got out heads together and we think we've come up with the answer.   The activity level of a  working mum living in a two storey house far outweighs that of a single man living in a bungalow who employs a cleaner.   Chore-y Thursday  and all those other daily activities around the home not only keep the place shipshape but also equate to a visit to the gym!   Changing beds,  cleaning bathrooms  and yes, running up and down stairs several time to check on the progress of a child on a school day morning must be akin to an aerobic workout.  And isn't it reassuring that all that nagging of family members that seems so effortful could well be  burning some extra calories too?

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  1. I think you may be right there. He may also be cheating behind your backs. Or maybe he likes a pint or two. Not many men would cook a healthy meal from scratch either, takeaway rules.