Sunday, 13 February 2011

Mini Church of Craft: Not a Plant Holder in Sight!

The Mini Church of Craft was supposed to be meeting in Totnes yesterday and was excited about taking a class in making jewellery from tin cans.  But alas,  it was cancelled so the venue changed to my kitchen!  To perk us up I scoured my faithful old Stork Cookbook and knocked up some cheesy scones. Melanie provided a treacle tart!

What a get together it turned out to be, providing material for not one but two blog posts.  Firstly, we pored over the book  Craftivity: 40 Projects for the Maverick Crafter. Once you've passed instructions for a truly awful knitted lampshade and a bizarre crocheted skull  this book has some inspiring ideas including a beautiful pom pom rug.  Definitely one to start a wool collection to complete in the future when I stop procrastinating, finish a few of those half completed projects and eventually allow myself to buy new craft materials again!

After stuffing our faces with consolatory bakery goods we got down to some work of our own guided by Melanie's copy of Mod Knots, which gives ideas for making jewellery and accessories which bring macrame right up to date.  Melanie made good in-roads into making a long necklace incorporating ceramic beads between spiralled knotted areas. I revised my decorative knotting skills acquired over thirty years ago, firstly using good old parcel string.  Then, I started to play with 0.4mm scraps of wire to see if the twisted design so familiar from the 1970s plant pot holders could be translated into a metal form.  The result is not wholly unsuccessful and one to play with in some jewellery designs in the future.

Brace yourselves for tomorrow's post. I'm actually going to finish something!


  1. Sounds like a fun day. Cheese scones are always a winner!

    Shirl x

  2. I'm glad you managed to salvage something from the day. We have various craft sessions at the Arts Centre, but I can't afford to join in. They are not very well attended, I wonder if they would be more successful if they dropped their prices.

  3. Sounds like a lovely day...I'm pleased my blog makes you smile also!! xxx