Monday, 28 February 2011

Not Many People Would Do That!...

...said my friend and colleague Mr Metrosexual when I told him about my latest venture into the world of thrift. The story starts about a week ago when I finally lost it with my mobile phone and oh so nearly threw it again the wall. I input my data using the transcriber function and the screen was so scratched that it was taking an age to correct the text that I was putting in.

I own a Samsung Omnia I900 that I bought unlocked as a Pay As You Go device from Ebay about eighteen months ago. It replaced a five year old Nokia mobile. Against the odds this survived multiple traumas, even resurrecting itself in the airing cupboard after my fall up to the neck one January into a local reservoir with it in my coat. when rescuing Louis' special leaf. But finally when its battery got too temperamental and I found out that my digital camera was damaged beyond repair during a tricky hot air balloon landing I decided to retire it and buy a shiny multi-functional phone which also replaced my bulky PDA and a dodgy cheap MP3 player.

Now the majority of people these days would have viewed a device dysfunctioning as an excuse to replace it with a super duper updated model. But why should I automatically think of doing that when my phone still met all my needs? I decided to embrace recycling and see if I could repair it. Hey presto!, with a little research on the net, £7.99 outlay on Ebay for a new 'digitizer' (a screen to you and me) and Mr Lovelygrey's magic touch with a screwdriver it's as good, nay better, than when I first bought it!

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  1. You're very clever to do that. I'm afraid I would be baffled and would probably start afresh with a new one. I don't even know what a transcriber feature is. Hangs my head in shame