Sunday, 27 February 2011


Remember my plan to nab a dress for a ball later in the year for less than a tenner on Ebay, give or take a bit for postage?  I was given hope in my quest by my colleague Buxom Brenda, the working granny extraordinaire, She said that her daughter had bought a gown for 99p from the website and then sold it again after her 'do' for £1.99.  The plan has paid off for me too.  For the princely total sum of £11.00 (including postage and packaging costs of £2.50)  I've got this beauty, a  plain stretchy  burgundy velvet dress that originated from Principles.  'Very sexy - ideal for a date or clubbing' it stated in the description.  Union Street, Plymouth here I come!  On second thoughts,  Mr Lovelygrey might take umbrage.  So let's stay in with a nice cuppa and a book instead.

Now I had thought about doing the same thing as Buxom's daughter and trying to make myself a profit once I'd worn the dress, putting it back on Ebay in early December, just in time for Christmas party purchases. But I'm pleased to say that my purchase has turned out to be a little more versatile than I expected and I'm probably going to keep it.   It's a garment that can be dressed up or down, worn with a jacket for a more formal posh do, if one ever comes up, or with its strappy top covered up with a jumper or cardie in winter for less momentous occasions.  Another good thing about is that I don't have to purchase a special 'is this going to stay up?' type of uncomfortable strapless bra as the dress itself is supportive enough to cope with a bit of jigging about on the dance floor without hitting myself in the face.

I'm not doing very well with my resolution around zero clothes buying in 2011, a much loved Yellowstone T-shirt and a new swimming costume have also expanded my wardrobe.  But I'm hoping to get lots of wear out of the things I've bought.  And that beautiful pink coat, that remains resolutely at full price,  is still on my mind!

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