Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Ring My Bell

My job involves seeing people who often believe that they have memory problems.  Some do indeed have the start of a degenerative dementia process but others  with normally functioning brains often find that their powers of recall  fail them when they are stressed, anxious or low in mood.   If they start to fret about this it makes the problem worse.  Think about how difficult it is to focus clearly when you're in a tizz.

I put this title on my 'Coming Soon' list a few weeks ago and then got into a pickle trying to remember what I wanted to write about.  Whilst racking my brain I thought of church belfries,  alarm clocks, bell bottomed trousers and all sorts of other ringing things but none of them were hitting the spot.  But during a period of calm the idea came back to me.  Even though I'd thought of phones before I hadn't been able to access the right information in my head in my flustered state.

My idea was to share a money saving tip that the Lovelygrey family use when phoning from home.  We rent out line from BT but use a service called 1899.com.  I'll admit the website looks kind of dodgy but this thrifty idea  is bona fide and we'e made real savings on BT's standard tariffs.  Just register  free with the service and put the code 1899 in front of dialled numbers to make cheaper calls  The list stored in our phone has been amended to automatically include the code when we dial someone in our address book.   At the time of writing it costs nothing to call a UK fixed line at anytime of day, 10p a minute to UK mobile phones (6p at weekends!) and 1p a minute to make calls to the US.  That came in really handy when organising our recent holiday trip.
The savings are particularly obvious when  we look at our BT bill and balk at the cost of calls when we've forgotten to use the code.

So finally I got to share this tip with my blogging audience.  I admit that its not going to be useful for my overseas readers or those of you whose TV, broadband and phone packages are combined together.  But for those of you, like us, have Freeview TV, keep things separate and make a few overseas calls, there is scope here for saving at least a  pound or two!

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