Monday, 7 February 2011

Simple Pleasures

We've had a lovely quiet weekend at home,  just the ticket after our recent adventurous escapades in the Rockie Mountains.   Here's a flavour of why I've been so content to potter around the house and village.

  • Endless big mugs of tea - not fancy pants stuff just a plain honest good old British buider's brew that's so elusive in continental Europe and Norh American
  • Wandering to the village shop to get some white sliced for making toasted sarnies and finding people to chat with on the way.
  • Dipping in and out of my newly acquired library books.
  • Catching up with the new series of Ice Road Truckers .  I'm so in love with the uber-cool super hauler Jack Jesse who puts some on the sissy worriers on the highway to shame. Who needs culture when there's  beautiful snowy scenery, overstated melodrama,  the beautiful tomboy trucker Lisa's fight against sexism and of course great big beasts of vehicles that need mending all the time!
  • Telephone calls with family and friends.  Checking Facebook and finding our friend Julie's posted a lovely family photo from our recent trip.  That strange guy who was in our hot tub seems to be back again though!
  • Sawing, filing and shaping bits of metal.  Lusting after rolling mills on Ebay and wondering whether buying one would be a good use of my birthday money.  Getting my jewellery portfolio up to date.
  • Choosing fabric bargains to send to Mama Lovelygrey to update my summer wardrobe.  Some of you may remember I said that I wasn't going to buy any  new clothers apart from shoes and underwear. Well, I made up the rules and fabric doesn't count.  Plus, I've cheated anyway already, as I bought a super-duper souvenir T-shirt in Yellowstone!
  • Letting Louis go out to play with friends on the estate and feeling so lucky  that we live in a safe, friendly neighbourhood.
  • Finally, finally making in-roads into that washing pile.
So I hope that this goes to show that I'm not just an adrenalin fuelled bison dodging junkie.  Simple pleasures often hit the spot too!


    1. Isn't life grand when we have the choices and opportunities to do exactly as we like. Couldn't be any better.

    2. Yes, what is it with the tea that they dole out overseas? That Lipton stuff is definitely not tea as we know it! That said, when I was last in the Rockies (last autumn) I found a brrrrilliant little tea shop in Boulder. :)