Wednesday, 9 February 2011

This Chair Will Definitely Change My Life!

Yesterday, the old maxim 'good things come to those who wait' was proved correct.  Back in the autumn the Lovelygrey family went visiting  friends up country and I fell in love with their recliner chair.  Not that it was a particularly memorable version of this type of seating.  It's just its tippy comfortableness  that I  recall.  I imagined evenings reposed with my book and a cup of tea or a glass of wine or on a particularly pleasurable night, both! The thought crossed my mind that having one would definitely improve the quality of my life.

Just the thing on which to spend the money that Mama and Papa Lovelygrey had given us for our wedding anniversary.  But  Mr Lovelygrey coveted the rather wonderful, but eyewateringly expensive Scandanavian Stressless range which seem to start at over £700 a pop when they're new. Surely we'd have to stump up a bit of money  towards our final purchase, wouldn't we?

In true 'Reduce, Reuse,  Recycle' (and tightwad) tradition I scoured Ebay for a secondhand bargain.   It's the first time I've bought furniture  on the site and I noticed that most larger items are  sold on a buyer collects basis although you can pay a courier to do pick it up for you.   It dawned on me that biding my time and putting my purchase on hold until  a local seller turned up might limit the number of competitive bidders that I would have to fend off.  So, I waited and waited until the weekend when this one turned up.  The strategy seemed to pay off and I've got my comfy chair for the bargain price of £100.  So thanks Mama and Papa Lovelygrey, your gift was plenty! Not sure if this always works but, maybe it's a tactic to try yourself  you're hankering after something but not in any real hurry.

Don't be daunted by how to get bulky items home.  I'm a past master at squeezing furniture into a hatchback having once travelled back from IKEA in Bristol in a yogic position as one half of the seat was taken up by the front end of a flatpack wardrobe!  There's always van hire if this doesn't work or you don't wish  to wreck your back and neck for a week.  The only problem with my recent life changing purchase is it seems to have been usurped by another family member who's also appreciative of life's little comforts.

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  1. Looks like you might have a bit of a battle to claim your chair, it looks lovely and comfy.