Friday, 25 February 2011

Thought for the Day: What We Wish For

Today's post for all those parents out there who wish for the best for their children.  Don't we all?   But, really what does that mean?

Should we be encouraging  them to make full use of their potential?  The answer certainly  is a resounding yes but as the years pass by I'm coming to the conclusion that this does not necessarily entail pushing them towards the highly paid, high status jobs that traditionally denoted success.

What I want for Louis is that he finds his niche in life.  Hopefully, his future work will provide him wiith meaning and enjoyment and of course a sufficient income to be comfortable and pursue his interests with family and friends. But I don't want him to be ruled by the all pervading need to earn more and more and relentlessly work without understanding the true purpose of what he is doing.

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