Sunday, 27 March 2011

Ah! Cake. Eat I Will

It's Louis' birthday bash today.  He's eight on Tuesday and even though the party has been nigh on organised for me at Plymouth Ski Centre there was still party bags to prepare and a cake to make   I thought that finding hometime gifts for eight children of mixed sex between eight and twelve was going to be difficult but then I found some peashooters.  Of course, old fashioned weaponry crosses age and gender gaps.  I even hanker after one myself!

Just the cake then.  I thought I'd go for a brain cake that I'd seen on the Homemade Mamas Blog about a year ago.  It was wacky but looked fairly easy to knock up.  But Birthday Boy said no.  He wanted a Star Wars theme.  That easy' said Supermum Sally.  'There's one in Tesco.'  Indeed there is.  Nine pounds gets you their Clone Wars Star Trooper  Celebration Cake.  Not Lovelygrey's style but one to bear in mind if her own effort turned out to be a complete disaster.

For inspiration I turned to the Star Wars page of the Coolest Cakes Website and was overawed by the 3-D masterpieces that veritable gods and goddesses of the sugarcraft world have made.  But I am not one of these so I needed something simpler.   Yoda 20 was my inspiration and I also borrowed Louis' own wise master to help the creative process.

And as, they say around this parts, yertiz!  A chocolate beetroot brownie Yoda-ish lookalike with buttercream topping and fondant icing detail.  Okay, he's not going to win any design awards but I think he tastes a lot better than the shop bought offerings.  There's the added bonus too that he contains one of the young apprentices' five a day that will help them grow up into big strong Jedi Warriors.


  1. Your son's cake is fab - bet he was delighted!

  2. Good effort!!!!! Looks fab!!! My Peppa pig efforts left alot to be desired andhad to be covered in e numbers to make it look presentable and pig like!!!


  3. This is AWESOME!!!! How cool is this?!?!?