Thursday, 3 March 2011

Bat Out of Hell: Meatloaf

I believe that Mr Lovelygrey has broken one of his cardinal rules.  There's asparagus from Brazil in the fridge and it sure wasn't me who purchased such sinful air freighted stuff!  But now it's in the house it needs to be used up.  So, I thought it would be a great accompaniment to my own guilt ridden buy.  Some lambs liver from New Zealand that I bought blindly from the Co-op's reduced meat section that's been taking up space in the freezer for a few months now.

As Mama Lovelygrey is aware from my childhood moaning, I'm not a bit fan of plain old fried liver, however good for you it purports to be.   But I do like it as the main ingredient in a meatloaf as it's the texture rather than its offaly taste that I object to.

I went in search of a meatloaf recipe on the Internet and found that this Liver Loaf used up the half pack of leftover sausages that were in the fridge as well as sounding jolly tasty.   It did not disappoint the adults in the family although Louis wasn't keen.  The result was  excellent both hot with the asparagus and also cold when it took on a pate-like guise.  This type of terrine is dead simple too.  If you can press the button on the food processor you're more than halfway there!

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  1. :o( When I saw the title I already had a comment in mind. I saw Meatloaf at the NEC, and he was great, I love his music. You led me right down the garden path with this post, ha ha.