Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Days Out in Devon: Dartmoor Letterboxing

"Found one, Mummy!"  What a better thing to do on a cold, wet, windy day than head up to Dartmoor!  Actually, this was not part of the plan.  Sunday had started off crisply cold but with sunshine and blue skies. That's when the idea of taking a warmly wrapped up Louis out letterboxing had materialised.

For those of you who're not in the know, letterboxing is a type of outdoor treasure hunting. A container such as a lunchbox or even an old metal amunition box is hidden on the moor for visitors to find.  If the contents are in order it will contain a stamp and a visitors' book.  Once found  you add your own imprint to the book together with a message for the box owner and off you go again!. dartmoorletterboxing.org  publish a post of clues but buying this is not really necessary.  As in our chosen location, Bonehill Rocks, some places have so many boxes that you are nearly tripping over them.    Ideal locations for small boys with limited patience.

In spite of gales and hail Louis had a wonderful time, climbing over boulders and rummaging around in nooks and crannies  Once he'd found his first sandwich box containing a stamp he knew what to look for and will never view a seemingly innocuous pile of rocks inside cracks  again.  In fact the outing was so successful he's decided that he'd like to go out and find more stamps every Sunday.  Take this enthusiastic response as a five star recommendation for a totally free activity that's suitable for kids of all ages, including those childish grown ups among you!


  1. Good fun for little ones, and educational too. I have read about something similar called geocaching, but I believe these boxes are spread far and wide, and take a bit more effort to find. A fascinating hobby.

  2. Ah! That's the subject of another blog and is fun too!