Monday, 18 April 2011

Days out in Devon: Haldon Forest Park Revisited

Mr Lovelygrey and I have very different takes on Haldon Forest Park.  He views it as hell on earth whereas I always enjoy my visits.  For him, a walk is only pleasant if he sees nobody else on the entire trip. Haldon used to provide this type of experience until it was turned into a kind of open air activity zone, teaming with families and other groups, especially on sunny weekends.  It's how I imagine a giant Centre Parcs would be, although  without the water attractions and the chalets dotted through the woods.

In need of exercise the other day I decided to kill two birds with one stone, visiting the CCANW and taking Louis for a walk on the Children's Trail.   Much to my dismay Mr Lovelygrey decided he'd come too.  Every so often he likes to remind himself of just how dreadful he now finds the park and I anticipated he'd spend the whole timing moaning and harping on about the good old days.

Except it didn't turn out like that.  We discovered the sparsely populated tree trail which steered us away from the hordes thronging around the playground and the cafe.  Instead we enjoyed a peaceful walk through beautiful woodland with delightful rest stops like this on the way. The silence was only broken by the incessant chatter of a dinosaur obsessed eight year old who was certain that he could see baby brontosauri grazing between the trees.

I'm pleased that our walk turned out to be the success it did and proved that you don't have to venture to far off the much frequented track to find one less travelled. I'll vouch for the fact that, as Robert Frost said, it makes all the difference!

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  1. 'A path less travelled', I'll remember that, and incorporate it in all aspects of my life. I like to divert from the path most travelled. It reminds me of my own uniqueness.