Thursday, 10 March 2011

Getting in the Holiday Mood

An exciting parcel has arrived at the Lovelygrey house. Behold the third edition of our most useful holiday guide, bought from the tiny publisher Vicarious Books. It's so hot off the press that Amazon don't stock it yet.   It describes the places, specifically reserved for motorhomes where we like to stay when we visit France. I've given more details about these stopovers in my post 'Aires Pas Chere' before.   Not sure on reflection  whether this title is grammatically correct or my own particular version of Franglais but  ho hum!

The 'aires de camping car' where we park up have been great places for us to experience French culture a little more closely than perhaps we would if staying on a conventional sight.  They are often situated right in the heart of a community and Louis often makes friends with local children in nearby playgrounds or on the beach.  His ingenious way of facilitating this will be a subject of a future post after our next holiday at Easter.

More than once we've been asked 'Aren't those free sites you use a bit dodgy?'.  I have to say that 99% of the time we've felt completely safe.  There have been just three exceptions in three years.  Drunken tomfoolery, although harmless, caused alarm at Pol de Leon and a more sinister inebriated shouty man breaking bottles came close to the aire at Redon in the middle of the night.  The only time we've left a site though was at  'St Malo 3' described as remote and rural but it turned out that those qualities made it  an ideal location for a gay cruising spot.  We didn't feel at all threatened but decided to move as we didn't want to be disturbed all night by the bright headlights and slamming car doors.

But beautiful spots far outweigh the occasional pup.  Here's a few more to add to the list from my original post.

  • Le Mont St Michel:  Easily the best view of this world famous tourist spot from any holiday accommodation including the posh mainland hotels and all for 10 Euros a night.
  • Le Port de Dinan:  Our escape destination from St Malo 3!  Beautiful canalside location near lovely restaurants, a network of cycle paths and downhill from a historic city.
  • Plouvorn:  Within 20 minutes of  Roscoff ferryport by a swimming lake and green parkland with playgrounds.
  • Quiberon:  Wild, woolly spot at the end of the peninsula.  Great coastpath walking and easy cycling into town.
  •  And.....our favourite spot that's thankfully still not listed in the guide so it can remain our little secret!


  1. LOL at the gay 'spot' you stayed at. It's all educational.....!!! xxx

  2. have you ever visited the chateaux de la Loire? There are some lovely areas around here and if you cycle there is an excellent cycle path along the loire.
    email if you need more info

  3. I do envy you with your motorhome, how convenient to take your bed with you. Look forward to hearing about your travels.

  4. Hi Sue - we have got down to the Loire region before and love it! But the van is a bit gutless so we normally stick to Brittany x