Friday, 25 March 2011

Getting them Young

For my West Country based readers there's still just about time to pop up to the Centre for Contemporary Art in the Natural World in Haldon Forest.  Their current exhibition, the final in a series focusing on fashion, textiles and the environment ends on Sunday. I see though that, one of the previous shows,  'Fashion Footprints: Sustainable Approaches' is now on display at the Create Centre in Bristol

This last event  is all the more remarkable because it showcases the work of designers who are still at school.  Not suprisingly the Malteser dress was Louis' favourite.  In fact, I think he'd like to volunteer to empty packet.s of sweets so that  its young designer can produce other creations on the same theme, Aero Bubbles perhaps?  And I could volunteer Mr Lovelygrey to come up with the raw materials for ra-ra skirts made out of crisp packets in superfast time.

The show also featured less whacky items such as 'bags for life', garments made from felt and a beautitful wall of monochrome tops made out of recycled  shirts and blouses.  I felt so excited that youngsters today are being inspired to think about how materials are sourced and exploring ways of recycling early on in life.  Maybe we're emerging from the throw away culture after all.  And if I were eighteen all over again, I'd happily consider wearing 'that sweet little red dress' to my school leaver's ball!

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