Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Glass Half Full!

I'd always believed that sacrifice at this particular time of year paralleled Jesus' time in the wilderness.  What I didn't realise is that Lent is actually more than forty days long by a good six or seven days!  But, if my reckoning is right I'm well over halfway through my 'lenten' abstinence period.

Apart from an episode of  'Come Dine with Me' setting off a spell of unimaginable craving  when the participants  tucked into their glasses of chilled white,  this year's spell of self denial has been far less challenging than my first ever attempt in 2010.  This may have been because  Easter came early last year and Ash Wednesday fell into the middle of a trip to France.  It's not easy embarking on being tea total in grape treading territory especially with Mr Lovelygrey as company.  He purports to be supportive of my efforts but says this clutching a glass of a glass of beer firmly in his hand! 

Even though I'm in the midst of a hellishly stressful period at work caused by dire staffing levels, a new computer system and an increase in referrals, I haven't been reaching for the medicative jar at night.  My new motto is 'there's nowt that can't be sorted by a nice cup of tea'.  Rather, than feeling deprived, as I did before, this time round I'm having a much more positive experience.  Can't place my finger on why though   Perhaps it's just because I'm a year older and wiser(!)

Following the Good Lord's example,  I intend  to 'break fast' around the forty day mark which will perhaps coincide with a pint in a pub with my bro' Paul when we meet up in the flatlands of Essex in April.  Then there's our pre-Easter trip away to Brittany and a few of those crisp dry Muscadets are sure to have my name on them.  But I'm hoping that this time around that the habitual pattern of alcohol consumption might be broken.  It will be much better  for my sleep, my purse and my waistline!

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  1. Just think how much you will enjoy and appreciate the good things in your life when Lent has passed.