Friday, 11 March 2011

Happy Birthday Lovely Grey Day!

To celebrate the first birthday of my blog here's a delicious morsel from the Oggy Oggy pasty shop in Totnes whose stock from the Devon based  Mr Bun's Bakery  makes for a pretty and tempting window display. This solitary cupcake is  displayed on one of the earliest makes that I featured, my cake stand made from recycled items.  I'd have liked to have filled each tier with delicious confectionery but my purse and waistline would have grumbled.   My expensive photographic prop did not go to waste.  It was promptly  eaten by Louis after the shoot before my own tummy even had a chance to rumble.

So I've  fulfilled my secret aim of producing a daily post for an entire year.   At first I worried about running out of subject matter but  the discipline of regular writing has helped me to spot things to share and it has possibly nurtured my spirit of adventure too. Now,  I'll  try things that I might not have done in the past, like applying haemorrhoid cream around the eyes and swinging through the tree like a monkey.  I'm  spurred on by the thought that even if all goes pear shaped, at least there's a story to tell. Now my first anniversary milestone has passed I don't see any real reason not to continue.

It's been a wonderful way of keeping my family and friends informed about what I'm up to and I'm especially pleased that my writing helps Mama and Nana Lovelygrey feel that they are more in touch with the antics at Lovelygrey Villas and beyond. Thanks to everyone else who's dropped by, especially my regular followers both furtive and public! 


  1. Congratulations on your first year....long may you reign! xxxx

  2. Thanks for stopping by and following...I'm following back. LOVE the 3 tiered stand :-), the b&w is so classic.

  3. You have a lovely way with words, it's a pleasure to read it. Happy Birthday.

  4. Happy birthday!! I only found you recently, but am looking forward to lots more interesting posts in the year ahead (loved the Victoria Beckham one)

  5. Thanks everyone for my birthday wishes. Hope to be able to keep on amusing and informing for a while longer! xxx