Thursday, 24 March 2011

Lonely Clouds?

I've been pondering over William Wordsworth's poem for a fair few days now and think that he got some of the detail startingly wrong. So, it's time to put him straight. Clouds do NOT wander lonely. They are sociable entities that gather together over vale and hill dumping their contents on walkers who've optimistically left home without a coat, at least in Devon anyway. I'm sure that the residents of the Lake District, where Wordsworth originated from, don't have vastly different skyscapes to our own in the West Country.

Today's post was just planned as a simple offering about how small delights encountered during the day keep me chipper. Those roadside daffodils that are everywhere at the moment are certainly bringing moments of glee to my heart as I drive around the South Hams, prompting uncharacteristic arty-farty musings. It's a marker that, even though I'm feeling the stress of work at the moment, my mood isn't dipping out of control.

In an attempt to retain my tip-top mental state I'm actively looking out for little 'reasons to be cheerful' during my working day. Finding the lid to my fountain pen a week after it disappeared into the abyss between the books next to my workspace, returning to the office and discovering that Snobby Friend had bought a big box of cakes from the Frogmore Bakery, a wander around Totnes market on a Friday lunchtime, driving along the coast road between Kingsbridge and Dartmouth and  ribbing Mr Metrosexual for his vanity and lack of exercise, ...all these have contributed to retaining a sense of well-being. Don't be too alarmed that Lovelygrey is seemingly takes pleasure in taunting another human being. He loves it and gives as good back as he gets!

Whilst researching this post I came across this YouTube clip, a rather bizarre promotional video produced by the Cumbrian Tourist Board.   It stars the appropriately named MC Nuts!  Lets hope that for some readers it brings a momentary ray of sunshine to their lives as it did mine.

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  1. the daffodils are gorgeous..........I need some right now,we had another snow storm and I am stuck inside all day.