Sunday, 13 March 2011

Mini Church of Craft: The Evil Peppers!

Yesterday, at our monthly Church of Craft meeting conversation turned to ethical issues. I've found out that Melanie's distinctive red beads that I'd previously admired are dyed coral and as such from a highly unsustainable source. They've therefore lost their appeal and I've renamed them the evil peppers. Melanie has promised not to buy anymore if I desist from shopping at Asda because of their parent company's anti-union stance.  I've given my agreement so the Barrier Reef is safe at least from one bead mad friend.

The 'Church' was quite productive on this occasion with Melanie assembling three beaded pendants.   Now she's bought all that taboo material she might as well use it up. Naomi  made a good start 'recycling' some turquoise necklaces an here are the two bracelets that she made.  The colour of the beads has been lifted by using wooden beads and herringboned copper wire.  In the original pieces it seemed that just turquoise stones was far too much of a good thing.

With my new desire to finish what I've started and use up materials that I already own, I resumed making a project that I'd started a couple of meeting ago, a spirally silver and labradorite chain.  Now I've progressed to the soldering stage this may just be another project that'll be complete by the end of March.  This could turn out to be a very productive month!  Thanks girls, as ever,  for all your crafty support.  xxx

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