Sunday, 20 March 2011

Not a Fridge Magnet in Sight!

There's more regular readers on board these days.  The times when I was growing a little disheartened as it seemed that I would forever write  just for the benefit of Mama and Nana Lovelygrey are long past.  Welcome all those who've recently found me!  I hope you enjoy my eclectic and sometimes imperfect world.

Blogging sometimes gives me a push to do things that I might have put off in the olden days for the sake of a good story.  So having dropped Louis off at a party I was all ready to head home for a Saturday afternoon nap.  After all,  Mr Lovelygrey was out walking  and  with the house devoid of boys, it was a haven of tranquility for a restorative snooze.  But I was passing through Bovey Tracey on the way home and decided to stop off at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen headquarters in the hope that it might provide inspiration for a post.  I'm glad I did because I got enough material for a few offerings and still managed to fit in forty winks.

The work that's displayed here is of really high quality.  Although, understandably not everything is to my taste, there's not a piece of tat in sight!  Now I'm not normally a porcelain type of gal as my taste normally veered towards more chunky offering  but I loved these pieces by Eleanor Bartleman.  You've got to be intrigued by a craftsperson whose theme of 'Reynard the Fox' links her work.  I particularly love this piece which vaguely reminds me of another covetable fish wielding piece of ceramic work by Bernard Moss that I've displayed in a previous post.

The studio is a lovely place to spend some time. There's a light airy cafe and exhibitions that change every two months or so.  For those feeling flush, I'm sure that there's plenty here to tempt purses to be opened wide.   But, visit even if you're not made of money as you might find something inspirational that fires up your own creative instinct.  Reynard may be the star of one of my own pieces shortly!


  1. I think there are more people that read blogs than we realise, not all comment. I am not bothered if my Followers list does not shoot up quickly. If one or two find something of interest that's ok by me. As long as we enjopy doing it, that's the main thing.

  2. Should have checked that, I hit two keys at the same time, ha ha. I hate errors, grrrrrr.