Monday, 14 March 2011

Not Frugal, Not Thrifty but Better than a Deep Fried Mars Bar

Now in an ideal world the Lovelygrey family would be making all our food from scratch. We don't do a bad job.   Bread is rarely shop bought,  there is homemade yoghurt in the fridge, ready meals hardly ever grace our fridge and leftovers are recycled into meals that are often more delicious the second time around.  But sometimes, as busy working parents, our best intentions go to pot and we resort to less virtuous offerings.
I was caught short, as it were, without a wholesome, lovingly prepared lunch.  Several pieces of fruit had been brought from home but as the midday church bells chimed my tummy was asking for something a little more savoury and warming than an apple, two satsumas and a banaana.   So, without a lot of hope in my heart,  I popped into the local supermarket in search of something that might catch my fancy and found this beastie, an Innocent Thai Curry on special offer at £2.39. It was fresh, tasty and did not contain any ingredients that seem more at home in a chemistry lab than a kitchen.  Every so often, under similar circumstances, the pasties from the  Oggy Oggy company call. But the veg pot was lighter in calories yet filled me up.  Perfect for my current calorie counting weight loss plan!

For someone used to bringing tasty offerings from home to heat up in the work microwave the veg pot was by no means cheap. On a good day I reckon we could rustle up a full family meal for the same price at home, and yes there might even be even over for lunchtime seconds.      Yet, it wasn't extortionately priced and didn't leave that feeling of dissatisfaction that many foods in the convenience category bring.


  1. Hi - love your blog! The Innocent pots are scrummy aren't they? Bit expensive but like you say, both healthy and filling. Now you have the empty pot you can make your own!! ;)

  2. Hey Kim! Welcome aboard. Glad you like what I write. Leftovers do get taken to work sometimes already. It's just never at the time when you fancy something a little extra!

  3. Love your blog too, came round the frugal houses!

    I've been known to forget my lunch and have to buy an egg sandwich, for which my chooks give me a stern they did today! Don't be fooled chickens remember everything!!

    We both certainly did better than a deep fried mars bar!