Sunday, 6 March 2011

One Ferrari Please!

I'm a little bit excited because my three year NHS car lease period is nearly up and it's time to choose a new motor!  Apparently I can have anything I like, so long as 'the powers that be' agree that my choice is suitable for me to do my job.   So how about this Ferrari?  Surely it's colour denotes that it's environmentally friendly.  And on the very rare occasions I have to take disability equipment to one of the people I see I'm sure that,say, a raised toilet seat will fit nicely in the passenger seat!

Or perhaps, I could have a campervan to complement the motorhome. So much easier to take to festivals.  And if I persuaded my fellow travelling friend, Barbie Nurse, to give up her beloved RAV4 and lease a Volkswagen California, perhaps we could replcate this promotional picture in our lunchbreak on Slapton Sands.

But hang on a minute! We're not getting a pay increase for two years and it's necessary to do some penny pinching.  So, I'm foregoing the luxury options and setting myself a challenge of choosing a car that is a cheaper option  than my current Skoda Fabia.  I want to save sufficient money on the lease cost, fuel and tax benefits to effectively award myself a rise in lieu of Mr Cameron doing so.    I'll let you know the outcome once my options have been priced up but I'm currently  towards the Ford Focus Econetic which its impressive combined MPG of 76.3 whilst retaining sufficient poke to keep me out of trouble in the hilly landscape around here.  I'll update you with the potential savings once I've made my choice.


  1. Does that mean if you come in below budget you get to keep the excess? It will be interesting to see which car you choose. I had this dilema a couple of months ago, albeit with a lot less pounds to spend. Good luck.

  2. Yes Meanqueen, if my actual fuel costs are less than 12p a mile I keep the excess! Hoping to save £20-30 per month on private mileage contribution and tax too. Could be a £500 per annum saving all told if I choose wisely. This is not to be sniffed at!