Saturday, 5 March 2011

Rise, Shine

I was banished to the spare room last night so both Mr Lovelygrey and I could get a good nights sleep.  We have a shiny new record keeping system at work on Monday. Three days of I.T. courses to learn how to use it,  along with extended time at my computer to make sure my files are ready to transfer has played havoc with my back and neck.  If only I could work, as I am now, lying down supported by a V-shaped pillow I would be okay.  Perhaps I could arrange to have a bed moved into the office?

But my solitary nocturnal confinement has improved matters and I woke at 5:45am feeling quite perky.  The advantage of sleeping on my own is that I can bash around on my keyboard in the early hours without disturbing a fractious Mr Lovelygrey.  So I've made use of this opportunity and spent time catching up with a couple of important emails.

Firstly, I've beavered away at an online questionnaire for my local council.  I've joined their resident's panel so I can make my views heard.  I've given my opinions on a diverse range of topics such as planning,  leisure economic development and housing.   After all, they need to know that I think that the provision of sports facilities and play areas in outlying rural areas away from the bright lights of Newton Abbot is lacking and that they're doing a good job looking after the environment.  

And spurred on by some really positive experiences of giving my time,  I've also completed an on-line registration form for our local volunteering bureau.  Realistically I know, that at the moment,  I can't commit myself to regular unpaid work but I do have some odd hours to spare and want  to be made aware of opportunities to get involved with one-off fun and rewarding activities.  The nice lady who emailed me said that there were quite a few of these. It'll be interesting to see what she comes up with!

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