Saturday, 19 March 2011

Spend, Spend, Spend!

After my pink coat purchase I've been at it again, spending money like it's gone out of fashion.  'What's your excuse this time?' you might been thinking.  'Falling in love with another beautiful piece of clothing or furniture that will surely change your life?  Finding a tool for jewellery making that's so essential it's surprising you didn't stumble over it all those years ago when you first learnt to light a blowtorch?  A piece of art 'calling' you from a gallery in one of those glorious waterside towns in your work patch?'

Well it's something quite different this time.  Sure, I've gone on a great big shopping spree but I'll hope you agree that it's money well spent.  For I have been diminishing the hard earned savings that I squirrel away every month in my Charities Aid Foundation account. 

The earthquake and tsunami in the Pacific region gave me a great big prompt to distribute some of the money that I'd collected in this on-line piggy bank.  So, some of it has gone to help the victims of this terrible disaster.  But I've also made donations to organisations nearer home as there's plenty of need in this country too.

I'm not going to divulge who has benefitted from my giving or the amounts involved.  We all have our own particular views on what constitutes a worthy cause and have different financial capacities that influence how much we are able to donate.  However some of my 'shopping' was on impulse and I found the Radio 4 appeal webpage  useful in finding suitable unusual purchases that suited me.  It was just like being in an interesting boutique!  I chose an old favourite too and also am supporting a cause that I was alerted to by reading someone else's blog.

Recession is in the air.  There's no payrise for the next two years and I'm looking for ways to supplement my income and make savings too in line with my aim to pay off my mortgage by the time I reach fifty.  But my charitable giving is exempt from the cuts.  It will, in fact, increase in April,  the start of the next tax year.  After all, I still have disposable income whereas others do not.  So,  if you have a bit over after buying the basics, please think about whether you can divert even just a little towards some of the good causes that capture you own imagination.  The charity sectors has got to be suffering at a time when people are tightening their belts and it's probably the time when they are most at need of funds for their work.  Giving in this way can be just as satisfying as a High Street foray or winning an Ebay auction for a mouldy old wetsuit!


  1. I quite agree Lovely. I have a couple of Meanqueen Frugal talks coming up and in keeping with the subject matter, 'I don't have much but I have enough', I shall be donating my fees to charity. I always give what I can afford at around the time of my birthday, my way of saying thanks for another year.

  2. The evidence is still stacking up that you're not mean after all, Meanqueen!