Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Sunflower Ring: Look Away Now Little Sis!

I've finally finished Sis Lovelygrey's birthday present but am running late.  She reached the ripe old age of forty one in September last year and asked if I could make her a sunflower ring. 'Sure' I said confidently and then proceeded to make a balls up of the project.  I soldered a flower that I moulded from metal clay onto a wide ring made of sheet metal.  The kindest possible thing I could say was that it had a industrial feel about it!

However, my lovely jewellery teacher Lizzie came to the result and persuaded me to bring  my half finished projects for her to see.  Rather than rolling about on the floor with laughter at the sight of some of my less sucessful creations, as I might have done, she was touchingly kind.  She also constructively taught me the useful skill of unjoining a botched up bit of soldering.

So, for the last few weeks I've been thinking of what I could do with the newly detached flower. All sorts of wild schemes came into my head.  After looking through a few designs for rings I realised that  a simple solution  had been eluding me.  The ring didn't need to have fancy leaves, twisted bits or a textured metal band.  Keeping it plain and simple was going to work wonders.

I took an unadorned ring that I'd made on an earlier course,  sawed to make a simple C-shaped loop which I soldered onto the back of the sunflower.  As a finishing touch I've oxidised the middle part where the seeds would form to give it a darker finish using liver of sulphur, noxious stuff which meant I was banished outside during my jewellery class whilst I painted it on.  And there you have it, a great present made from recycling a charmless ring, a piece from a previous disaster and I'll even relinquish an old presentation box.  Nonetheless, Sis Lovelygrey, I hope you like your long awaited sunflower ring in spite of its thrity provenance!

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