Friday, 18 March 2011

They Made Me Do It!

On our recent roadtrip my girlie companions seemed like they were in the mood to shop until they dropped, each buying something in the 303 Gallery at Yandles.  This is Melanie's tree make from tiny fir cones and a piece of wood which looks like it's been picked up on a walk.  An idea for a homemade project if ever I saw one.  They  then dug into to the depths of their purses as soon as they got into Wells, forking out impulsively from the very first moment, buying beads and buttons in Bella Beads and Earthcraft.  My string bag wasn't completely empty at the end of the day;  I came away with three items at the 'pound a paperback' stall in the market and spent a bit more in Oxfam  on the strange combo of old two Beano annuals and a book about Buddhism.  The other charity shops yielded a hand embroidered table runner which will look lovely made into a summer skirt and Thai silver fairy earrings to convert into pendants for children.  Quite slim pickings for what could easily have turned into a spree.

But then when we returned to Kay's house I did something that rendered me the biggest spender of the day.  I ordered THE Pink Coat and it hadn't even been reduced in price.  However I did 'Quidco' it and will eventually 8% off, a teeny tiny conscience salve!  Due to my early start to Lent no Somerset cider was involved in my decision making process.  The girls persuaded me that as I'd been fretting for so long I needed to put myself out of my misery. They suggested that I then forgot about the cost and didn't keep going back to the Ness Clothing site to see whether it had been reduced.  Sound advice indeed that I'd intended to follow.  However I forgot I'd registered for the Pricepinx, a handy thrifty spot that notifies you when a particular item is reduced.  Just three days after my purchase I was 'pinxed' to say there'd been an £11 reduction.  However when I visited Ness to torture myself it had already sold out.  Given my love for this coat I'm glad that I didn't miss out even though I didn't make a saving.

So here it is, modelled by moi! The photo would have been better if taken by someone else but Mr Lovelygrey was making minestrone and I couldn't persuade Louis to haul himself away from whatever he was watching on CBBC. I have to admit to being really delighted with my purchase.  It fits beautifully and its quality is excellent.  As such I'm likely to wear it for years to come.  If I ever get fed up with the colour I can always dye it black.  However at the moment I'm so enjoying this perky shade.

The coat has also gained Louis' approval.  He says that I look like a proper girl!  How do such misogenistic tendencies get fostered at such a youthful age!


  1. Wish it was a full length photo! It looks lovely though, from what I can see!! xxx

  2. Will try to put one in another post if there is ever a time that the 'boys' cooperate and are willing to take my picture!