Monday, 28 March 2011

Thought for the Day: I'm Not Sure About This

Is anyone else slightly uneasy about the latest trend in Internet advertising?  I became aware that e-commerce  was being targeted quite specifically at individuals when I wrote something on Facebook about, the furniture store,  DFS.  Even though I agreed with  a friend's post about 'cr*p sofas'  I'm now being subjected to pictures of them on a daily basis.  Not sure whether this is punishment or a vain attempt to make me change my mind.  To prevent digging myself into a big hole I  feel that I must put an addendum here.   Naomi, my friend and devoted follower, your swivelly seats are the first and only item I've quite liked from the store.  Honest sweetie!

Someone out there knows that I might be in the market soon for ferry tickets and a new car ,  I quite like Fat Face clothing and need to lose a few pounds.  They also think I would  possibly be interested in supporting AgeUKs campaign for digital inclusion.  Where they're going wrong is thinking that I might still need to buy a party dress or an eco-watch.   A reduce, reuse, recycle re-think has sorted out those 'needs'.

But the advertising seems to have taken a sinister turn.  I'm now receiving adverts from Bath Aqua Glass.  Well targeted you might think!  Lovelygrey has a fondness for craftsmen made items and this seems to fit the bill.  But what I'm getting is promotions for memorial glass, pieces of jewellery or paperweights where a loved one's ashes can be encased for all time.  Does the company make crystal balls too and know something that I don't?

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  1. Ahhh I also dislike any of the sofa warehouse company type things!!! I really despise the adverts and the over the top message that buy this sofa and you have a fabulous life, are a fabulous person and fabulously in interest free credit and debt for only 60 months!!!

    Ok maybe I dislike the Bright House Adverts more.

    Yes I have noticed the horrid advertising but do my best to ignore it. I think Banksy has the best view of it!