Tuesday, 15 March 2011

"You'd be Bored If You Didn't Work!"

Yesterday, courtesy of  flexible working where a full-time job is squished so  that every other weekend is a long one, I had Monday off  Instead of leaving the house at 7:30am, attending meetings, contacting clients, driving around and trawling through endless admin here's what I did during my normal working hours.
  • Finished a blog post
  • Made sausage rolls for Louis' lunchbox.   Packed rest of lunch.  Searched his school bag, removing hidden chocolate and a mouth organ. 
  • Helped Louis write party invitations.
  • Cycled up the hill to school and back.
  • Did a piece of needlepoint which required full daylight to see colour differences on the canvas
  • Listened to a Mad Dog McCrea CD that I've bought Louis for his birthday.
  • Worked out the shape that I'd need to cut to wrap a teardrop shaped stone for a pendant by snipping away at paper.  Used this as a template to cut a piece of copper.
  • Snuck two of the sausage rolls for lunch.  Surely they're good diet food?  Ate one of the confiscated chocolate biscuits
  • Wrote another blog post to schedule ahead when I'm away.
  • Researched on the Internet and discovered that labradorite would fall apart if I heated it.  Dismantled part of the necklace I'm making as a consequence.
  • More rooting about on the Internet for instructions on how to make a Star Wars birthday cake.  Yoda, in all his glory, fashioned from buttercream and fondant icing has come out a firm favourite!
  • Made jump rings out of silver and started to reassemble necklace.  Soldered bits together.  Heated up my copper and another bit of silver to make them soft enough to work with.
  • Sorted through the loft area in the garage.  Checked my summer wardrobe in case there was things that could go to the charity shop.
  • Prepared my toolbox to take to evening class.  Tidied my workroom.
  • Cycled to and from school again.
  • Mended a cuddly cat and sewed a  Scout Association toy beaver's paw to his ear so he look like he was saluting.
  • Took Louis to his swimming class.
I didn't get round to meditating, planned exercise, cleaning the car, starting my garden makeover, writing cheques for future course and after school club, polishing Louis' shoes, mending a necklace, adapting a scarf for a friend........ the list goes on and on.  Would I be bored not working?   I really don't think so!

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    1. Ha!

      I think only boring people would say "you'd be bored" - how could I be bored with so many more interesting things I could do instead?!

      Hurrah for regular long weekends!