Sunday, 17 April 2011

Chew Chew

It's fessing up time today about a sweetie habit that occasionally gets out of control.  I'm a bit of a sucker for the tough jelly-like Haribo sweets or any other brand that can come up with similar offering that share a passing resemblence.  The fizzier they are, the greater their appeal and I can knock through a packet in no time at all.  There are, of course, more obvious downsides to this habit than you can write on the back of a fag packet - blah! blah! blah! blah!, so I won't bore you here or subject myself to the swathes of guilt that thinking about this indulgence brings.

Sometimes at times of stress it's a tough one to crack.  Like any addict I can come up with some wonderful excuses to get my hands on my own particular brand of 'poison'.  The best ever has been convincing myself that I was only buying a bag of Fantasy Mix because I was going to take silicon moulds of the jelly animals to make into kiddies jewellery.  Yeah right!  But I think I've cracked it now and for the time-being have replaced one habit with a less harmful one.

Sugar free gum is now my preferred chew of choice.  Far less calorific and much better for the teeth than sweetie treats.  If only they'd come up with a Tangfastic version!  I just have to remember to remove it before I visit people as I recall being taught as a student that chewing doesn't create a professional image.  There's only one other downside as far as I can tell  that might mean that I'll have to find a brand new replacement soon.  I thought that it was my imagination but check out this website to find out a) what my hunch was and b) that in fact it might be true!

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  1. You only live eat them & enjoy! xxx