Wednesday, 13 April 2011

East Anglian Dating Opportunity!

Unbeknown to you all, I've been away for a few days with Louis, back to my childhood hometown of Southend-on-Sea to see Mama and Papa Lovelygrey and catch up with my siblings.  I delayed posting about the trip because I couldn't upload photos from my camera phone onto the desktop computer at my parent's house and I'm too much of a cheapskate use my pay as you go minutes to do this  wirelessly!

In my late teens I thought that the town was a dump and I couldn't wait to get away.  Yet, each time I go back I enjoy myself more and am endlessly surprised by just how cosmopolitan the place is now.  If you find yourself in the vicinity of the town it's now definitely  worth a visit.  There's lovely little bars, cafes and restaurants in the back streets of the town centre and along the seafront, ideal places to hang out, once I'd got over the shock of discovering that the going rate for a cup of coffee these days seems to be around the £2 mark.  Still I was on holiday and didn't have my flask so a couple of places got my patronage.  The picture above shows Ocean Beach, a fine place to hang out and watch Louis and his friend playing on the beach. Paying a couple of quid for the privilege of sitting in the incredible rococo-esque themed Bacchus  in Alexandra Road with its 'Sistine Chapel'  ceiling was also money well spent.

And so after forty two days of Lenten abstinence I shared a highly enjoyable jar or two (or three!) with my lovely bro' Paul. We  laughed, analysed his inability to produce happy, fluffly art and  put the world to rights.  And if anyone's interested he's 44, single and lives in Norfolk!

What have I gained from this time of self denial?  Well, certainly not body weight, I've dropped half a stone.  The challenge of going without has been easier on this, the second time around and I'm hoping that I've finally banished that regular after work 'needing a drink' feeling and can instead save alcohol for special occasions.

PS:  Dear Paul, sorry this was the best photo that I took due to poor light conditions and camera skills due to probably.


  1. Paul is a fantastic artist, love his work. Pity I am a bit too old for him :o( Bit too far to go for a date though, ha ha.

  2. Unfortunately I'm married....shame! xxx