Thursday, 21 April 2011

Favourite Frugal Museum

When Louis and I visit Southend-on-Sea we get a super-duper deal on trains to the Big Smoke.  The off peak return fare inclusive of a London Travelcard  which gives unlimited use of the tube and buses costs little more than £20 for us both and the ticket price stamped on Lou's child ticket is just £2. So, it seems that a day trip is even affordable if you've got a bigger family.  This may be worth investigating for others who live within spitting distance of our capital city or are visiting towns nearby.

Our favourite places to go  are the well known Science and Natural History Museums but everyone knows about them.  They are firmly imprinted on the tourist maps like Buck House, Madame Tussaud and the London Eye.  But the Bank of England Museum  is a lesser known attraction brought to my attention by a friend of mine whose husband works in the City.  Although it won't provide a day's worth of entertainment, it's near to other attractions (we combined it with the Museum of London on our recent visit) and it's so surprisinly child friendly that Louis asks for return visits.

This time round there was an Easter Egg Hunt  Quiz but there's always a safe breaking exercise and other interactive exhibits.  On our previous visit treasure chest making caught Louis' attention and he still owns his  glitzy creation and uses it for storing beads pilfered from my jewellery supplies. Because I've had my 'Mummy hat' on whenever I've gone there it's not really been possible to gauge what a visit would be like from an adult perspective. But I reckon that outside the school holidays it could be a rewarding place for grown-ups to while away an hour or so too.

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