Saturday, 2 April 2011

Grey Pride!

I went to see a man the other week with memory problems who'd previously been assessed by another member of our team.  'A different blonde lady came to see us last time,' said his wife.  'But I'm not blonde I'm grey'  I replied.    At this she remonstrated with me in a kindly fashion.  'Nooo!  Don't say that, you're ash.'

'ASH!  That stuff that caused a hell of a problem when it bellowed out of that volcano last year.  The cheek of it.  I'm grey and proud! Come outside and let's sort this out woman to woman!'  I replied.  At least I did in my head.  For after all I'm a professional and punching a carer's lights out does not bode well for the therapeutic relationship.  Especially if the person meant well.  Instead I masked my outrage and could have won an Oscar my portrayal of a healing angel who's thoughts ne'er stray from the pure and compassionate.

Okay I jest.  My emotional response wasn't quite this extreme but exaggeration makes good press! However, this  lovely lady's reaction did stop me in my tracks and got me thinking.  I wrote about being grey  in the early days of blogging and  talked about my belief that attitudes to leaving hair colour 'au naturel' are gradually changing .  But perhaps there's still some way to go before the undyed look, especially for us younger 'greyanistas', gains ground and becomes an commonly chosen alternative to using colourants.

So I feel that now is the time to stress again that I've never been unhappy with my decision to become a premature silver surfer.   I get loads of positive comments about my hair colour, have saved a fortune to boot and no longer have niggling worries about what the long term effect of shoving loads of dodgy chemicals on my scalp might be.  With this in mind, I'd urge anybody who's thinking of taking the plunge to give it a try.  The transition can be made, as I did, by a super short cut or if you're not that brave see your hairdresser and spend your final pennies on colouring to achieve a more gradual change.


  1. Now you've given me a dilema, something needs doing with my hair. To colour or not to colour. I have a sprinkling of grey, but not sure if I am confident enough to go for the natural look just yet.

  2. Go on Meanqueen. Take the plunge. It's yet another money saver!!!!!

  3. I turn 40 in 3 weeks. I am proud of the grey showing through. I will not colour. Loads of people have tried to get me to - I won't budge. The grey stays.

    (I've added you to the blogs I enjoy.)