Sunday, 3 April 2011

Hard as Nails

Slowly, slowly I'm changing my mind about wanting to use enamel on some of the pieces of jewellery that I make.  In the past it's been a definite no-no but seeing how other craftspeople are employing it to good effect on their own work is helping me to think afresh about acquiring the skill to decorate pieces with hardwearing coloured glass.

In a previous blog I admired the work of Sarah Hemmings Vourda.  Today, it's the turn of Janine Partington., who I discovered on my recent visit to the Devon Guild of Craftsmen.  She had two displays in the shop,  a glorious collection of jewellery in clean colours and larger wall plaques.   I loved the contrast between the coloured glass coating and copper on these. The results are much fresher and brighter than I'd previously believed that using this medium could acheive.

My kiln, that I bought last year because it was a bargain and I've always wanted one, has yet to be used.  In truth, I'm a little scared of it.  But these pieces might have given me just the push I need to bite the bullet and ramp up the heat of the big frightening hot things that's languishing in the garage!

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