Tuesday, 26 April 2011

It's the End of the World As We Know It

Now photos have been downloaded from Mr Lovelygrey's phone and are far more satisfactory than I thought they'd turn out given that the beep that signified that a shot was in focus was seldom heard.   So I can now share pictures from our travels in the land of Liberte, Egalite and Fraternite...or the independent Breton state depending on your political viewpoint.  Our journey this time took us to the westernmost point of mainland Europe, the Pointe de Raz in the evocatively named department of Finistere, the end of the world.  Here's my boys venturing out on their unsuccessful attempt at standing on the furthest rock.

For my motorhoming friends out there, I can disclose three spots that have not been mentioned in the hot off the press 'All the Aires' Third Edition .  You can actually stay at the Pointe de Raz itself but this comes at the heady price of 15 Euros.  However, a fellow cheapskate Brit that we met on our tour also pointed out that there is an aire at the nearby Pointe de Van which is free. There is also allocated parking at the Baie de Trepasses in the daytime only.

Seduced by the promise of solitude we stayed a few kilometres east of Lands End francais at Plogoff, a candidate for a new swear word if ever there was.  From there it was an easy cycle to the Pointe de Raz and coast path walking of the highest quality on the GR34 was within a ten minute stroll.  Even Louis who has known to grumble at the prospect of a walk didn't complain too much for an eight year old.  With such a dramatic setting you might understand why!

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  1. Hi Lovelygrey!

    Don't forget Shaldon! Every wednesday during the summer there is a craft fair on the green with activities such as Punch and Judy and, yes, it's free!