Saturday, 30 April 2011

Just Finished Reading: The Bookworm's Holiday

As usual a great big pile of books were squirrelled into the motorhome on our latest tour and I made good headway towards being able to shut the door to my bedside cabinet again.  My proudest weakness is that I can't resist an interesting looking story at a bargain secondhand price or during my forays in the local libraries. I suppose my failings could be a lot, lot worse.

The cover of the first offering just screams Chick-Lit!  Ideal holiday reading as long as it's well written.  I hadn't heard of the author of Rescuing Rose but the accolades on the cover from quality newspapers looked good. There was even a thumbs up from Marian Keyes, high praise indeed. This story about a problematic period in an agony aunt's own life is definitely worth digging out of the bargain bins or hunting out in a local library. It's likely that I'll be reading more of Isabel Wolff's work when the bedside cabinet becomes bare.

Then in order to break up the pink stuff I tucked into the only Nick Hornby novel that I hadn't read, eagerly reserved from the local library at the heady fee of 50p!  I struggled with the first few pages which dwelt heavily on skateboarding but I suppose that served me right.  After all, I am forty-six and the book is allegedly categorised under the young adult genre.  But I soon warmed to a story about teenage 'disaster' as told from the perspective of an adolescent boy.

Oh no, not another pinky I may hear those of you who prefer a bit of blood and gore or a good detective novel cry!  Certainly, The Secret Lives of Dressesisn't one I've passed onto Mr Lovelygrey. It's the by-product of a blog, , and may well be of special interest to those of the thriftsters or lovers of vintage out there who ascribe special meaning to items with a history. I was pleased by the discovery of this well written book by a lesser known author.

And my final completed volume, Tea Time for the Traditionally Built, one of the No1. Ladies Detective Agency series, whose jazzy  cover caught my eye at the library.   Many of you will already know whether these gentle stories about life in Botswana are to your taste or not.  I enjoy them but wait for my review of a half finished offering from another author set in Africa.  Although it is billed as appealing to the same audience my next choice  has a depth and complexity which takes writing to a different level.

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