Saturday, 16 April 2011

Just Finished Reading: Juliet Naked

Juliet, Nakedis one of the offerings that I picked up on my recent trip to Wells. It came from the British Heart Foundation  and it sports a sticker say 'Read it and then please bring it back for others to enjoy'.  My copy may not make it back to that  particular charity's shop but has now started a mini adventure of its own.  It will being enjoyed by my friends and will be passed onto Scary Secretary this morning as she's always first in line.  Then after other visits to homes around the West Country it will reach the final stage of its journey with me on the bookstand in the waiting room of the hospital where I work. How's that for grand scale recycling?

I was pleased to find a Nick Hornby book that I hadn't read.  There's only one more and I've  placed a reservation at the library and as you read this Slam is on holiday in the motorhome enjoying French life in a way that only a paperback can! Mr. Lovelygrey has enjoyed this author in the past but only when he writes about boy things like football and music.  He's not so keen when he ventures in the field of human relationships and I think I understand why.

For me, this writing is akin to good chick-lit but without the bits that I find tedious - endless cooing over expensive shoes and handbags that I just don't get.  And Mr Lovelygrey, unsurprisingly doesn't 'do' girlie books.  Nick Hornby is really rather astute at seeing things from a female perspective.  High praise indeed for a bloke and a book which is funny, sensitive and, at times touching.  So enjoy, Scary Secretary et al.


  1. Hope you will find this comment because the post isn't recent. I loved the "music fan" aspect of this book and found it so true to life. When she opened and listened to the long-lost recording before him...I gasped! I have read all of Nick Hornby's books because I like his "voice" so much - even the footie books.

  2. Found it! Glad someone is reading my own back catalogue! xxx