Thursday, 14 April 2011

Les Sabres Luminieres de Bonhommie!

We're busy little travellers at the moment, this time with Mr Lovelygrey in tow.  After our jaunt to the Essex coast. by the time you read this we'll be  in France, probably still snoozing at one of the 'aire de camping cars' at Pol de Leon, just a stone's throw from the ferry port at Roscoff.  Prior to our departure the usual packing had to be done. Clothes, bike bits and bobs, British tea, a new needlepoint and all that a small boy of eight 'needs' on his travels have gone into a van. There's a zooful of soft toys, 'clothie' and a small clutch of Star Wars merchandise. This essential weaponry ensures that Louis makes friends wherever he goes, even though he doesn't speak their lingo and doesn't like that other universal icebreaker - football!

Here's how it's done. As we park up in a spot where there's other children around, Louis ventures out of the motorhome with a fistful of light sabres and displays his wares. Within no time at all, kids are vying with each other for temporary possession of one and the chance to take part in their own multi-national Jedi battles. Voila!

So I'm having a break from blogging but as usual I've been super keen and scheduled daily posts ahead. Lets hope everyone finds something to tickle their fancy whilst I'm away!

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