Sunday, 10 April 2011

Made in Dagenham

I'm getting excited as it's ever nearer the time when my trusty Skoda Fabia is replaced with a new NHS lease car.  The quotes for the monthly fee that I'll have to pay for a replacement car have now come through and yes, I'm being loyal to the county that brought me up.  Even though  Ford no longer assemble cars in Dagenham they still employ 4,000 people at the plant there.  So, it is with pride that this Essex girl, albeit without the orange tan and hair extensions,  has plumped for the  Ford Fiesta Econetic.

This choice of vehicle meets the criteria of providing me with a virtual raise, not to be sniffed at a time when public sector pay has been frozen.  Ford do good deals on corporate leasing, my taxable benefit in kind for a greener car is less and I reckon I'll need a third less fuel.  A 'back on the envelope' calculation suggests that I'll save nearly £100 a month which I reckon equates to a pay rise of about £1,500!

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  1. Good choice, Ford is best. Sensible choice money wise as well.