Thursday, 28 April 2011

No Relish

Do you remember when I was showing off my beautiful bird cushion ? I mentioned that my next needlepoint project involved completing a half finished design that was put on hold when the wool when temporarily missing.  By temporary we're talking at least a couple of years!  Well, here it is back on the tapestry frame again and I've made a little bit of progress whilst I was in France.

The heron kit was ordered to take away with me on a past holiday but frustratingly, it didn't arrive prior to departure.  I love Ehrman kits and they often have special offers in the Sunday supplements which represent a significant discount on the full cost of the kits.  Their designs are contemporary and hold interest and they're generous with the amount of wool provided so you're free to choose a chunky stitch that covers each side of the canvas.  However,  I've found their delivery to be slow at times.  Perhaps they're waiting for the sheep to grow the wool

This flowery Anchor kit was a compromise emergency purchase.  There's only enough skeins to complete the canvas in half tent stitch which does not provide good coverage and the lack of contrast makes the piece quite difficult to work for a middle aged cronie with failing eyesight.   As predicted, I'm not tackling this project with relish and I think it's because I didn't fall head over heels with the canvas before buying it.  To enjoy stitching it seems that I need a plethora of colours and a something funkier.  A lesson learnt for when I buy kits in the future.

So, what to do?  I could give up and ditch the canvas.  Instead I'm planning to go at it guns a-blazing and sew at home as well as on holidays.   I'm sure I will be happy with the end product and there's another incentive that will spur me on.  There's a beautiful  Ehrman fish needlepoint in my craft room that was taken from a Roman Mosaic. Now  I'm dying to work on that one!

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  1. I too enjoy doing tapestry. I find it very relaxing whilst the mind does get to work a bit.
    I also agree with you that the colours and picture are important. I had a beautiful very large turquoise, green and blue tropical tapestry that I finished but is all wrapped up in a cupboard - that's the shame I think.