Friday, 15 April 2011

Off Target

Unlike Mr Lovelygrey I am not a kleptomaniac.  Goodness knows why we still have an old window from the  motorhome and collection of defunct lightbulbs and electric plugs cut from old appliances lying stored around the house.  In fact I'm quite the opposite and somethings I declutter and throw away items that should really be kept.  That unrecognisable thingummygig I found in the car that was hoiked in the bin turned out to be just the thing they needed at Kwik-fit to remove my alloy wheel.

Last August, I wrote spare pair of knickers and a laptop after successfully getting rid of 100 of my possessions that would be useful to others.  I didn't cheat by throwing all Louis' toys away or counting empty milk cartons as objects of desire.  In the spirit of simplification I decided to set myself the same challenge but have fallen woefully short of target.  Although I've scoured the depths of cupboards and other obscure hiding places I've only come up with seventy things this time.  A pile of novels has already been put on the shelves in the waiting room of the hospital where I work to be sold in aid of the 'Friends of..' kitty.    The rest of the things, other books, clothes, kitchen items and the old knick-knack and picuture or two are destined for a local charity shop.

So why was I so far off mark this time?  Well, it's not all bad news.  By being ruthless in the past I'm gradually getting to the stage where the things that I own are not losing their appeal so quickly.  Sure, there will sometimes be the occasional wardrobe mistake or other misbuy but these are getting rarer and rarer.  And I'll never get down to not having to declutter at all as most books have a limited stay in our house.

In six months time I'll carry out the same exercise again reducing my target to say, fifty things.  I'm curious to discover if this challenge becomes harder or because of a change in perspective seems like a breeze!

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  1. I guess some would say I am a hoarder,,,,got it from my mother. I'm a crafter so I collect craft 'stuff'. I recently cleaned off my bookshelves and got rid of several boxes and many bags of books. I have a self imposed plan of taking one bag of donations each week to the thrift store. i like your idea..good luck!!!