Wednesday, 20 April 2011

One for the Surfers

Nowadays I try to find pictures for my blogs which I've taken myself, have asked permission to use or from a source where the website owner makes them freely available.  But I've been naughty this time round because I did a search and just HAD to use this picture.  You're definitely seeing the darker side of Lovelygrey today!

Before kicking off today properly I thought I'd give you an  rather belated  update on 'wetsuit man' who I blogged about a couple of weeks ago.  He raised one pound short of £9,000 for Japanese Earthquake victims from his Ebay auction.  Check out his new website,  Bears Don't Wear Wetsuits  for more laughs from a very funny guy.

So we finally get to the point of this post which is not about bears but what might be described, by the coy, as sanitary protection.  I am a happy user of a  Mooncup  and indirectly this does have benefits for the surfing fraternity as. consequently I will never again  feel the need to flush anything down the loo apart from bodily waste and toilet paper.  'Surfers against Sewage' might well  applaud this and could consider stocking the deivce in its on-line shop.

I'm being super delicate with my language here to protect the sensitivities of my male readers!  And after all, my mum and dad read this so  I really don't want to be accused of providing close family members with too much information.  Just follow the link in the last paragraph for more detailed product information.   What I will say is that I've found the Mooncup comfortable to use, it paid for itself in about a year and makes a small contribution to the household waste going to landfill.  And ladies, if you're not persuaded, think of the surfers before disposing of tampons and sanitary towels down the loo.

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