Friday, 1 April 2011

One Step Beyond

Who amongst the ageing youngsters of the same generation can forget the 'Heavy Heavy Monster Sound' of Madness! Their songs from the 1980s were part of the soundtrack to our younger lives!

I've had to get considerably more than 'One Step Beyond' in preparation for today.  After work I detour on my way home and head off instead for a three day silent meditation retreat. I've prepared ahead of time to keep my daily blogs on track whilst I'm away.  Continuing to tap away at a keyboard during my period of tranquility would not be an appropriate way of spending my time.  Nor, so I see, from the information page on the Gaia House website is juggling or acrobatics.  I kid you not!

Now,  I'm a noisy blighter so some people have been a tad surprised that I'm choosing to spend time this way, especially when the fact that it's my birthday today comes into the equation.  I appreciate  that  might be viewed as rather  an unusual thing to do on this special day but I've been wanting to go on a silent retreat for some time so why not now?  It also steers me away from the temptation of breaking my lenten fast and toasting the passing of years with something red, white or rose.   Concerns have been expressed about what others might expect on my 'release'.  Could I turn out more chatty than normal or have withdraw completely into my shell?  Be very scared Monday night jewellery pals.  You'll be the first to experience what could be the new me!

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