Monday, 11 April 2011

Potty About Pots

As childess individuals and keen gardeners Snobby Friend and Mr Metrosexual have great swathes of cash spare that they're willing to spend on outdoor ornamentation and exotica from the plant world.  One of their favourite lunch spots is  Avon Mills  near Loddiswell.  From the website I see that the 'Independent' newspaper  rates this garden centre quite highly too.  There, my friends often multi-task, first snatching a bite in the cafe and then egg each other to spend lots of money to adorn their own miniature versions of Eden.

They've been so ecstatic about these slate pots that I decided to join them the other day on a midday jaunt and see these fantastical objects for myself.  After all, they're now half price and I thought from the rave reviews that I was receiving that they might  have a potential use in my forthcoming gardening project.  So armed with a credit card  and fortified with macaroni cheese from the cafe I headed out into the sales areas to behold these things of beauty that I would not be able to resist.

But I was a little disappointed on two counts.  The picture in my mind was of  containers with a smoother polished finish.  These have a pleasant but  subdued hue. although I'm told that they glisten beautifully when wet.  I'd also imagined that they'd be something that were made using a technique which I could replicate myself whereas in fact I think that I'd be able to build customised and, indeed, glossier versions myself.   Isn't it funny when you've built something up differently in your mind and the reality turns out to be different?   So my purse remained firmly shut and instead of coming away, like Mr Metrosexual, with a car struggling up the hills with its bootload of pots, I've just come away with photos that provide yet more inspiration for future crafting projects.


  1. I'm glad that you decided you didn't need them. You'll get loads more satisfaction out of home made ones. Let us know how you get on.

  2. I slightly liked them but your right you could make something very similar yourself - I bet they cost a fortune also.
    They also look heavy and here in the Mid-west I would have to lug them down to the basement for the winter and that would not be good.
    I think pots look better in a conservatory - the effect of them is a bit lost outside.