Saturday, 9 April 2011

A Prickly Task

The title today has been on my 'Coming Shortly' for an eternity now.  Some of the others have been there a time too.   Often I'm not being procrastinatory when there's a delay between an idea  for a post and its execution but I come across real obstacles.  Take 'Yum Snails' as an example.  It will follow when I actually find some molluscs in the neighbourhood to purge and cook with garlic butter.    However, they must have got wind of my plans because there's none around here.  Only their shell-less cousins remain.  I seem to recall that Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall tried a culinary experiment with slugs and it wasn't too successful.

This one's about repotting cacti and there's been a delay in tackling this task for two reasons.  Firstly I'm a coward and don't particularly relish the pain of being impaled by a myriad of tricky-to-remove spines.   Therefore I've been a bit wary of handling these vicious desert dwellers.  The second is that I haven't found any containers that I've liked, at least not within my budget range.

But I've been mulling over these problems on my drives between appointments and finally, finally have found solutions to them both.  To protect life and limb whilst I do the job I  came up with the idea of wrestling the plant onto its side and encasing it plant in loads and loads of bubble wrap.  And the pots....well I've had a word with my friendly workplace chef who's now the supplier of a seemngly endless supply of catering sized tins.  I think these unadorned shiny containers look great but also have lots of ideas for embellishment.  And their teeny tiny brothers take their place in the old ceramic planters.  Great recycling all round!

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