Monday, 25 April 2011

Thought for the Day: Do I Need A Camera?

I've felt a little smug when I've written before about the fact that I don't own a camera per se.  The last one came to a spectularly sticky end during a hairy balloon flight landing.  To say that we crashed would be an exaggeration but we did take branches off a tree on our approach and, after bumping to earth, skidded on the side of the basket for a good few hundred metres before coming to a halt.  My poor Nikon sustained an irrecoverable battering and I was left with strange wicker-like bruising on my legs as a souvenir for a few weeks afterwards.

Using my phone to take pictures normally appeals to my sense of simplicity and because I always have it on me I've got into the routine of being more 'snappy' than I've ever been before in my life.  I hadn't quite realised just how habitual photography has become until my phone refused to charge up after a day or in France after an unexplained rapid loss of battery power.   Others would find this a disasterous state of affairs because of the loss of contact with the outside world.  Not me, I'm happy to go missing, as it were, for a week or so but I have mourned the loss of my spontaneous ability to point and shoot at whim.

Although I did use Mr Lovelygrey's phone to take a few shots, posts about our eleven day wander around Western Brittany have been delayed until he's downloaded my photos.  I'm not sure these have turned out okay as I never got the hang of a fiddly auto-focus button. This sorry state of affairs has got me thinking about considering my own stand alone teeny camera.  After all, I'm now at a stage where I'd like to get a little more techinical with my composition and might value  a little more capacity to zoom, change field depth and such like.  On the downside there's one more thing to carry.  Hmm...I'm still trying to decide.

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