Friday, 6 May 2011


Trauma reared its ugly head yesterday.  I'm hoping that at least one of my jewellery creations, Dangly Dolly or my Ship Ahoy bangle might be displayed at the  Contemporary Craft Fair in Bovey Tracey where there's a tent for work by adult education students.  To do that I had to submit an application for each piece by 9th May. Easy-peasy  I thought.  A leisurely weekend ahead to produce good photos of each piece using Mr Lovelygrey's fancy pants Canon digital SLR and then I'll cycle over to Bovey Tracey with  the paperwork on Monday's day off.

Except it didn't work out like that.  There's a typo on the application form and the closing date  for entries is shown as Friday 9th May.  Today is the sixth of the month so there's a mistake somewhere. But in the absence of  having anyone to ask for clarification at seven in the evening I  had to assume that there was an earlier deadline to meet.  Furthermore I was mistaken in my belief that entries had to be submitted to nearby Bovey Tracey.  My paperwork needed to be in Exeter - pronto.  That's fifteen miles away.  Aaaaaaaaargh!

Then the fun really started.  I wasn't happy with the hastily produced photos because it was impossible to get the lighting right and ended up using a better image of the bangle that I'd taken on my trusty camera phone even though this was not really tip top.   As for Dangly Dolly she might not get her starring moment at the show because I couldn't capture her in her full glory.  And then surprise, surprise both printers in the house decided to play up and it was over an hour before I could produce prints that were not blue  or too dark.  Eventually,  I hurtled down the A38 and hand delivered my less than perfect entries.  In due course,   I'll let you know whether I got away by the skin of my teeth or crashed and burned spectacularly.

In a way these shenanigans serve me right for procrastinating.  The pieces were finished ages ago but the delay was caused by my lack of confidence in the whole photographic process.  My phone is ideal for capturing images spontaneously, like this super ghostly self portrait that I snapped at Technoquest in Cardiff,  but it's not always the right tool for the job to show my craftwork to its best effect.  My skills at setting up shots are not always perfect as you might have noticed in earlier posts.  It's time to do some brushing up and maybe I've had another cue to rethink about whether my existing camera meets my needs.


  1. Good luck with your entries - after all that hassle, you deserve them to be shown all the more! I too struggle with the photography aspect of blogging and trying to sell my bits and pieces - I blame it on my husband's camera, and hanker after one I can call my own!

  2. I think I could win prizes in procrastination
    Good luck with your jewellery

  3. Thanks guys for kind words!

  4. I read this the other day and didn't get chance to comment, but my heart was in my mouth for you. Good luck after all that effort and frustration!