Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Fantastical Forms

After yesterday's scenes of carnivorous carnage, I thought it was time for an aesthetically pleasing post. So  today I want to feature the work of a printmaker that I've recently 'discovered' but not in the Simon Cowell sense. I hasten to add that this was  a personal revelation and I doubt that  Angie Lewin was starving on the streets before she came to my attention and I introduced her to the world!  She's been quite a busy soul and her work has included producing fabric designs for Liberty, designing book jackets and making highly covetable limited edition prints.

I'm strangely drawn to stylised seed heads and this print on the home page of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen  caught my eye (top right hand corner- keep pressing restore if it doesn't appear first time).  A bit of research lead me to discover that there is a gorgeous book of Angie's work, Plants and Places, and the library service had just one copy.  After a long eagerly anticipated wait for it to arrive at my local branch I was not disappointed.  There's enough inspiration to keep me busy for an age.  It seems that someone else might feels the same way too as I'm unable to renew the book because it's been reserved by another borrower.  So shucks! rather than playing snatch for the next few months with someone with equally good taste, I've just had to go and buy my own copy.

Just in case these lovely images haven't demonstrated just why I made this purchase, I'll explain.  I'm a sucker for design with a 50s kind of feel so the work is a complete joy just to leaf through whilst supping a big cup of tea.   I'm sure that there's plenty here to guide my own work as I find both the forms and the unusual colour palettes inspirational.  Lots of the ideas are brilliant source materials for mosaics or  translate well into motifs for use on jewellery.   The book does not just include finished pieces but records the journey of how they have been produced. As such, it will also be a useful resource for improving the presentation of my own portfolio of work. Oh! and it's also left me with an near uncontrollable urge to try printmaking myself!

So thanks Angie for producing your work which has given me much pleasure and also for permission to use images on this post.

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  1. I can see why you're drawn to her work. I've just looked at her site, thanks for the link, and her pictures are beautiful.