Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Another One about Welsh Wales

We planned to nip into Cardiff Castle before we left the city on Bank Holiday Monday but it's huge and the admission charge is on the steep side. So we decided to save our visit for another time to get better value for money. However our reconnaissance brought us into contact with this 'proud  beauty'!  A phrase straight out of a Nigella Lawson cookery programme if ever there was one. This beguling leopard forms part of the Animal Wall near the castle.  To think that those lovely planners in the 1970s wanted to demolish him and his eleven chums.

So why didn't we fit this particular sightseeing adventure into this trip? Well, just to reiterate yesterday's observation; Cardiff is a family friendly city with plenty to do for all ages.  Our first day and a half was filled up with exploring  just a part of the impressive Cardiff Bay area, a substantial harbourfront where the Welsh Assembly is based.  It seems that there's still a lot more to see on future trips.  Bute Park looks like the type of place where a couple of families with active lads could spend an afternoon, as does the National Museum.  St Fagan's Natural History Museum, a site which houses examples of Welsh architecture that have been moved brick by brick also will merit a visit and it has the big advantage of being free.   Throw in a couple of bead shops and some swanky wine bars and it could be a spot for a grown up trip away with the girls too!

One of the attractions  that did feature on this family orientated break was Techniquest, a fascinating science centre where we whiled away a long morning before our tummies started rumbling.  Our only grumble was that there was an extra charge for shows at the site including the planetarium.  Here's a couple of the grown ups in the party getting into the spirit of the place investigating one of the simpler exhibits and exploring the effect of resonance using a rather ornate brass bowl.  I fulfilled a long time wish of mine and played a theremin,a weird electronic instrument played without touching it.  And we had to drag the boys away, an accolade indeed!

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