Monday, 30 May 2011

Back Soon

A quick one today that I've scheduled ahead. I did consider missing a day of posting but remember when Blogger was down recently?  Well, it caused such a hoo-ha.  Even though they don't follow publicly both Nana and Mama Lovelygrey are avid readers.  When a post didn't appear due to the technical hitch,  they both got a tad worried and thought that I'd either gone to meet my maker or done a Reggie Perrin.

So, to avoid distress to my loved ones,  I've rattled this out.  Louis and I will be back from our festivalling frolics later and hope that our exploits will have provided inspiration for a nattier post tomorrow!


  1. Enjoy yourselves. Festval frolics sounds like good fun, look forward to the pics.

  2. Have a lovely frolic....have one for me too! xxxxxxxxx