Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Busy in Bed

For the last two days I've been laid low by the lurgy, a headache-y, sore throat-y, sweaty variety,  that has also packed off my colleagues, Barbie Nurse and Scary Secretary, to their respective beds. All hail to the person who invented  the laptop! My portable entertainment system has provided intermittent amusement between my snoozes,  Lemsip drinking and bouts of cloud watching through the venetian blinds.  I've also completed the distinctly Luddite task of re-sorting a box of beads that I'd dropped on the floor a few weeks ago.  That might have had to wait a long time if I were my usual bright, bouncy self.

One of the things the advantages of being sick is that it's given me a little time for net surfing and I've been visiting one of my favourite haunts, the Victoria & Albert Museum website from where today's images originate.  Their online catalogue provides a veritable feast for the eye and I  always discover things to marvel at, inspire and covet.    For example, these scraps of material are not the fluffy cuttings left over from an upholstery project but originate from the 8th or 9th century!  And the thoroughly gorgeous metalwork ship dates from 1610.  If someone could steal it for me I'd be very grateful.  I want it so, so much!!!!

It's not just the stuff in the galleries that provide top quality eye candy.  There's an online shop too that's full of beautifully designed products.  I'm very taken by this Turkish Needle Lace Pendant by Arzu Keles.  But be warned, ye frugal and thrifty amongst you.  Only enter if you've thoroughly steeled yourself as there's plenty  to tempt!

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  1. Aw get well soon Lovelygrey! Oh my that necklace is beautiful - I'm not looking!!! ;)