Friday, 27 May 2011

Calm Man

Last year Mr Lovelygrey stated that he was never ever ever going to a festival again - ever! He muttered something something about noise, crowds and the great unwashed. But Louis and I have decided that just because Old Grumpykins has baled out, it's not going to stop us. As yet I don't drive the motorhome so we needed a tent and plumped for this beauty, Decathlon's Quechua 4.2.

This is no ordinary family sized canvas holiday home with two separate bedroom pods and room to stand.  Get this -   it pops up in two minutes, a fact which I've verified by  pitching it in the garden.  But here's the rub and it will be familiar to all those whose kids have owned a play tent.  It's a devil to get back in its bag!

Fear not, Calm Man has come to the rescue!  Follow the link to watch the video that shows how it's done in an instant  by this laconic hero without flapping, swearing and  sitting on the blooming thing.  I'll have to memorise this sedate process when I'm away at Plymouth's Volksfest this weekend or else take a whole load of rope so my hefty bundle doesn't pop back up in the car on the way home!


  1. Hehe! This made me laugh! Can just imagine the wrestling match. I recently bought a pop-up photographic studio and I'm blowed if I can get it back in the bag...

  2. It's my experience that anything that 'pops' up is a devil to get down again......xxxxxxxxxxx